In our first year, over 500 clients have saved an average of 12.8% off the list price of their new car.

That's an average discount of $3,840 for a $30k car.

* Information valid 20/10/16

  • David | QLD | $15,000.00 Discount
    Mitsubishi Pajero Sport
  • Corrie | NSW | $13,441.82 Discount
    Holden Colorado
  • Haydon | NT | $10,122.92 Discount
    Toyota Landcruiser
  • Belinda | NSW | $10,970.00 Discount
    Great Wall Steed
  • Jeremy | VIC | $10,474.32 Discount
    Volkswagen Amarok
  • David | WA | $11,387.71 Discount
    Mitsubishi Pajero
  • Nick | QLD | $9,856.17 Discount
    Holden Colorado
  • Andrew | SA | $45,000.00 Discount
    Lamborghini Huracan
  • Dylan | ACT | $13,057.00 Discount
    Ford Ranger
  • Brenton | QLD | $12,478.07 Discount
    Bmw M2
  • Tim | SA | $13,312.89 Discount
    Bmw X5
  • Cam | VIC | $11,498.99 Discount
    Ford Ranger
  • George | NSW | $45,000.00 Discount
    Lamborghini Urus
  • Jon | ACT | $10,687.11 Discount
    Toyota Fortuner
  • Damien | VIC | $9,946.00 Discount
    Toyota Landcruiser
  • Freya | ACT | $12,385.45 Discount
    Nissan Navara Np300
  • Paul | VIC | $10,410.01 Discount
    Mazda Bt50
  • Miles | SA | $9,905.67 Discount
    Toyota Landcruiser
  • David | NSW | $14,000.00 Discount
    Audi S3
  • Andrew | SA | $13,515.53 Discount
    Volkswagen Touareg
  • Matt | ACT | $9,495.28 Discount
    Mitsubishi Triton
  • Dan | SA | $9,684.58 Discount
    Ford Ranger
  • Hein | ACT | $12,651.95 Discount
    Audi Q5
  • Adam | NSW | $12,000.00 Discount
    Audi A4
  • Stu | QLD | $11,522.72 Discount
    Volkswagen Amarok
  • Jarryd | VIC | $9,535.00 Discount
    Nissan Navara Np300
  • Dan | NT | $10,000.00 Discount
    Mazda Bt50
  • Alistair | NSW | $9,888.14 Discount
    Mercedes-amg GLC
  • Jamie | QLD | $11,192.41 Discount
    Ford Ranger
  • David | NT | $16,944.45 Discount
    Nissan Patrol INC Y61 Model
  • Dean | SA | $10,714.00 Discount
    Nissan GT-R
  • Matthew | SA | $9,533.64 Discount
    Volkswagen Amarok
  • Andrew | QLD | $9,500.00 Discount
    Isuzu D-max
  • Freya | ACT | $9,725.91 Discount
    Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • David | QLD | $11,990.00 Discount
    Ford Ranger
  • James | SA | $25,999.00 Discount
    Lamborghini Aventador
  • Steven | SA | $12,504.96 Discount
    Isuzu MU-X
  • Andrew | SA | Volkswagen Touareg | Saved $9,500

    This is one of the greatest ways to buy a car. They sent quotes out to all the dealers and I saved 9 % on the best price I could get by going to the dealer. Customer service was exceptional. Highly recommended.

  • Freya | ACT | Ford Ranger | Saved $5,500

    Motorbuys helped me get a great price on a very popular & hard to source vehicle. I saved thousands off the RRP!

  • Anthony | SA | Mazda CX-5 | Saved $5,050

    We were looking for 1-2 year old car but found we could get a better price - and a brand new vehicle - using it's a brilliant idea and was very helpful.

  • Marina | NSW | Toyota Corolla | Saved $2,850

    I was having trouble getting pricing from Dealers and Motorbuys fixed all of my problems! I got a competitive price on the car and even delivered to my front door!

Why use Motorbuys

We have every car, every colour, every accessory and every dealership on our database, so that you can get an exact quote from anywhere in Australia.

Motorbuys is the only fully automated system in the world that provides a truly transparent and level playing field for both buyer and seller.

Buyers benefit from a fast efficient online service, saving time and money. Sellers feel confident that their quotes are not just being shopped to a "preferred" dealer network.

We put you back in control.

By protecting your personal details, you will never receive a high pressure call or email. Our customers get the best prices available and find out which dealerships have their car in stock without raising a finger. You then have time to make a more informed decision without the pressure.

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Choose the car and region/s you want quotes from.


Complete your details and submit your request.


You will receive an email link to your personal “Motorbuys Dashboard” where you can assess every quote in detail and see which dealerships have your car in stock.


Dealerships have 24 hrs to quote, then you have three days to make a decision that best suits your needs.

Questions answered!

How is Motorbuys different from using car brokers or other sites with dealership relationships?

Motorbuys is Australia’s only fully automated new car pricing website.

We're not an advertising site for cars. We don’t make you look through pages and pages of cars that may be similar to what you need, cars that might be missing the accessories you need or may include the sunroof you don’t want. Get the best price on the exact car, in the exact colour with the exact accessories from the dealership that has one in stock.

We are not a car broker business. Brokers and leasing companies simply shop your quote to a select few “preferred dealerships” or “mates” at your expense. We will never have a preferred dealership network because we have every dealership in Australia on our database. Your quote gets sent anonymously to every dealership in your region/s, given each dealership the same chance to win your business. This ensures you get the best buying conditions and you get to see who has your vehicle in stock.

We are not like other websites that advertise they have over 250 dealerships in their network giving you the best buying power. We don’t have a network, we just decided to have every dealership listed. This gives your request the best opportunity.

Our system is completely automated. The system sends your quote directly to the dealerships and the dealerships send their quote directly back to you. This all happens in real time.

The system is not like other sites where "preferred dealers" or "mates" always win deals at the expense of customers and other dealerships. Our system creates a fair, transparent, level playing field for all parties involved.

Can I request quotes from interstate?

Motorbuys allows you the same freedom as you currently have to contact any interstate dealership/s for a quote on your next new car. Motorbuys does all the leg work for you, efficiently, timely and most importantly anonymously, giving you the space to make your decision.

If you choose to purchase the vehicle from an interstate dealership you will be responsible for the freight or collection of the vehicle as these costs are not included in the quotes provided on the system.

We recommend using Australia’s largest car freight business "CEVA". You can get an online quote and even book your vehicle freight by visiting the CEVA Website.

Please only choose the regions that you are willing to freight this vehicle from at your cost, or are willing to collect the vehicle from in person.

What if I want a car that is not on your site?

If after searching through the makes and models on our site and you can't find the exact model, please email [email protected] and we will update the system with this vehicle as soon as possible. Our system relies on vehicle manufactures to update databases with their new models and all recorded information on these models.

In some cases certain information is not available at the time of new model launch and these models will not be included on our database. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and in most cases can have new model information loaded within a 24 hour period. When the vehicle data in uploaded successfully we will advise you in an email.

How do I know my privacy is going to be protected?

The entire focus of this website is to ensure our clients have an efficient way of finding the vehicle of their choice at the best price, but just as important is keeping your identity confidential until you are ready to make your decision. Only then do you allow your contact details to be shared only with the successful dealership.

Your personal information is collected, stored and used only for the purposes outlined in the system. We are committed to protecting the privacy of all individuals and organisations that we receive information from or about. MotorBuys will not reveal, disclose, sell, distribute, rent, licence, share or pass that information on to any third parties, other than those who are contracted to Motorbuys and/or outlined to you in the system process.

Motorbuys is subject to the Australian Privacy Act 1988. The Act sets out how Motorbuys should handle personal information and how people can access records containing their personal information. For more information on your rights to privacy please view our entire privacy policy.

What happens to my data if I don’t buy a car?

Your data will remain in our database for a period of 3 years. After 3 years the data will be purged from the database and will not be available for current or historical purposes. Whilst this data is in storage on our system it is still governed by the Australian Privacy Act 1988. For more information on your rights to privacy please view our entire privacy policy.

How are Stamp Duty, Registration and CTP fees calculated?

This price also includes a system generated estimate of all relevant government duties including stamp duty, registration and CTP charges where applicable.

Motorbuys has taken every measure to ensure these fees are close to exact, however please only rely on these as very close estimates when making your decision. We have included the estimates of these fees to allow customers to compare all quotes side by side. The Government duties may vary due to changes in the methods used by the government to calculate these costs that have yet to be updated in our system. When you choose the winning dealership and begin the purchase process the dealership will provide you with an exact cost for all fees relevant to your vehicle choice.

Please be aware if you are purchasing a vehicle from an interstate dealership there may be additional costs for permits or inspections required to transport an unregistered vehicle.

Am I buying a car over the internet using Motorbuys?

No. The Motorbuys system and administrator never form any legal vehicle sales agreement between themselves, the winning dealership, or the customer. The system simply creates a platform for you to receive quotes anonymously from dealerships across Australia. The purchase of the vehicle and delivery is organised between the dealership and yourself.

When you accept the winning quote, the system will send your contact details to the winning dealership and you will receive an email including; a summary of the vehicle quote and all contact details of the winning dealership. You are then free to organise purchase and delivery of your new car.

How do I organize freight?

If you choose to purchase the vehicle from an interstate dealership you will be responsible for the freight or collection of the vehicle as these costs are not included in the quotes provided on the system.

We recommend using Australia’s largest car freight business "CEVA". You can get an online quote and even book your vehicle freight by visiting the CEVA website.

Please only choose the regions that you are willing to freight this vehicle from at your cost, or are willing to collect the vehicle from in person.

What do I do with the car I currently own?

Selling your existing vehicle can be a big part of the decision making process of buying a new car. You have many options available to get the best price for your existing vehicle;

The most common transaction is trading the existing vehicle with the dealership who are selling you the new vehicle.

Using the Motorbuys system to get the best price on the new vehicle before negotiating the trade-in gives you some great advantages in this process. Most dealerships will either choose to keep your existing vehicle to sell in their used vehicle department or will on sell this vehicle to wholesaler. All dealerships will know very quickly what the used car department or wholesalers are willing to pay for that vehicle. The only option dealerships have to increase the offer on your existing vehicle is to reduce the discount they offer on the new vehicle you are buying.

Therefore having this new vehicle price set prior to those negotiations gives you a simple transparent trade in price. You can then make a better decision with a transparent process of selling your existing vehicle, through the convenience of using the dealership or selling on the open market through one of the many advertising sites such as Gumtree or through auction houses such as Pickles.

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